Rabbits come in a wide variety of breeds, each with distinctive traits and looks. The following are some popular breeds of rabbits:

Types of Rabbits:

Holland Lop:

Holland Lop rabbits are renowned for their endearing appearance, characterized by their adorable drooping ears that frame their faces. These enchanting animals are little in size, making them ideal allies for the two people and families the same.

Netherland Dwarf:

The Netherland Dwarf rabbit is a miniature marvel in the world of rabbits. Weighing in at just a few pounds, these tiny creatures are among the smallest rabbit breeds globally, yet they pack an immense amount of charm and personality.

Netherland Dwarf - Types of Rabbit

Mini Rex:

Mini Rex rabbits are a visual and tactile delight. Their fur, which is especially delicate and rich, has a smooth surface that welcomes contact. This breed features a shocking exhibit of varieties, going from rich, profound tints to delicate, pastel shades.

Flemish Giant:

The Flemish Giant is a true giant among rabbits. Tipping the scales at more than 13 pounds, these superb animals are among the biggest homegrown rabbit breeds in presence. Regardless of their overwhelming size, Flemish Giants are known for their quiet and delicate nature.


Angora rabbits are outstanding magnificence types of rabbits, known for their long, plush fur that frames a delectable coat. This luxurious fur requires dedicated grooming to maintain its splendor. Angoras come in two particular assortments: English and French.

Angora Rabbit Breed - Types of Rabbit


Lionhead rabbits are aptly named for the distinctive “mane” of fur that encircles their heads, resembling that of a lion. This endearing feature sets them apart and adds to their overall charm. Despite their small size, Lionheads are big on personality.


Rex rabbits are striking elegance types of rabbits, characterized by their distinctive short, plush fur that stands upright from their bodies. This unique fur texture gives them a velvety appearance and a delightful tactile quality.

New Zealand Rabbit:

New Zealand rabbits are among the bigger varieties, known for their striking white shading. They have a trademark dark or rosy hint on their paws, ears, and around their eyes. On account of their size and strong edge, which make them ideal for delivering meat, this breed is popular in the meat business.

New Zealand Rabbit - Types of Rabbit

Himalayan Rabbit:

Himalayan rabbits are effectively perceived by their interesting coat design. They have a predominantly white body with distinctive color points on their ears, nose, paws, and tail. This breed’s markings resemble those of Siamese cats. They are known for their calm temperament and make delightful pets.


The Dutch rabbit breed is characterized by its striking color pattern. Their ears, face, back, and tail are all colorful, while their torso is a pristine white tone. Usually, the hues are tortoiseshell, chocolate, blue, or black. Because of their sociable and amiable disposition, Dutch rabbits make wonderful companions.

English Angora:

Similar to the Angora breed, English Angoras have luxurious, long fur. However, the fur of English Angoras is typically even longer and silkier. They require normal prepping to forestall matting and tangling. This breed is prized for their soft, wool-like fur which is often used in the production of yarn.

Mini Lop:

Mini Lops closely resemble Holland Lops in appearance but are slightly larger. They have a compact, sturdy build and distinctive lop ears. Mini Lops are known for their friendly and affectionate nature, making them excellent pets for families and individuals alike.

Mini Lop Rabbit - Types of Rabbit


Californian rabbits have a striking coat coloration. They possess a predominantly white coat with distinct dark-colored points on their ears, nose, feet, and tail. This breed is known for its docile and calm temperament, making them a popular choice as both pets and show rabbits.

Silver Fox:

The Silver Fox breed is known for its unique coat. Their fur is dense, soft, and characterized by silver-tipped guard hairs, giving it a distinctive silvery sheen. This breed is appreciated for its attractive fur and friendly disposition, making them sought after as pets and for exhibition purposes.

Silver Fox Rabbit - Types of Rabbit

Mini Satin:

Mini Satins are a smaller version of the Satin breed. They are characterized by their sleek, satin-like fur which gives them a distinct sheen. While they share the striking fur with their larger counterparts, Mini Satins are known for their compact size and friendly disposition, making them a popular choice among rabbit enthusiasts.


The world of rabbits is a diverse and enchanting one, offering a wide array of breeds, each with its own unique characteristics. From the cuddly and compact Mini Lops to the majestic Flemish Giants, there’s a rabbit breed to suit every preference and lifestyle.

Whether you’re drawn to their playful nature or their gentle disposition, these 15 types of rabbits showcase the beauty and variety within this beloved pet species. Embracing the unique qualities of each breed is a delightful journey for any rabbit enthusiast.


What are the 5 classes of rabbits?

Rabbits breeds are grouped into five body types: full curve, semi-curve, reduced, business, round and hollow. The main rabbit breed to have the barrel shaped body type is the Himalayan. The rabbit with the longest ears is the English Hack.

What is the rarest types of rabbits?

Lepus netscheri. The Sumatran short-eared rabbit in the Latin of the mainland researchers who found it — named and had, named and lost. “Kelinci Hutan,” “Kelinci Kerinci,” or “Kelinci Sumatra” in Bahasa Indonesia, the authority language of the multilingual nation of which its living space is a section.

What breed/types of rabbits are lazy?

As one of the first domesticated rabbit breeds, English Lops are popular for their laidback and friendly temperament. As a matter of fact, these rabbits are laidback to such an extent that they’re viewed as lethargic by master rabbit proprietors.

What is the smallest pet rabbit?

The Netherland Dwarf is the smallest of the domestic rabbits. The American rabbit Reproducers Affiliation acknowledges a weight scope of 1.1-3.5 kg (2.4-7.7 lb), however 2.5 kg (5.5 lb) is the most extreme permitted by the English rabbit Board.

What Colour rabbit is rare?

The Himalayan rabbit is an uncommon medium estimated variety of rabbit handily confused with the Californian rabbit. The body is white with hued places, perceived colors are dark, blue, chocolate and lilac.

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